Workshops for Studios and Students: Exploring new ways to deepen the Pilates practice.

“Back to the 100”

It all starts with the warm-up exercise but this one exercise is truly the basis of so much that we do in so many exercises and one that most teachers and students dread. Let’s break it down, make it fun and incorporate it back into different areas of the system. We will go back to basics, play around with different variations to get clients stronger and really embracing the strength and grace in this exercise. Sometimes we just need to dive a little deeper into it, change the perspective and show clients how we can help them strengthen and even enjoy the hundred. 

What we aim to fix: The tabletop, the forever 45 degree leg, the floppy arms, the lax leg and the missing full body engagement. Fix the hundred and you fix almost everything :)

We will explore this on the mat, reformer, tower/cadillac, and barrels.

“All in Reverse”

Eccentric contractions lead to greater strength gains and pilates is no different than any other form of exercise so lets explore negative training. How we can use the same exercises in reverse and with full range of motion or regressions to get our clients stronger. In fact we use a lot of eccentric work all the time in Pilates which is why clients have strength gains much quicker when they combine pilates with their weightlifting. Let's work on how we can get the most out of our client's workout so they are achieving more and seeing their own progress by switching up the exercises a bit. Caution we will be hitting rewind and rethinking alot in how we approach exercises.

“Intermediate to Advanced”

Let’s breakdown why some clients are not progressing from intermediate to advanced. There might be some missing links that we might not be focusing on to get our clients to the next level. Let’s figure out how to work the “system” to really get our clients from intermediate to advanced safely and effectively. Many classical programs focus so heavily in intermediate that the progressions into the advanced work are often missed. Let’s give ourselves and clients options to work into these advanced exercises appropriately. Here are some of the key exercises we will cover for the Reformer, Overhead, The Swan, Breast Stroke, Tendon Stretch, Horseback, Rocking, Corkscrew, Snake and Twist, Balance Control Off, Long Spine,  Push-up Front & Push Up Back

"No Reformer, No Problem"

Traveling? Not able to get to a studio?  Only have access to a mat room and a bunch of foam rollers?  No Problem!  Let's do almost the entire Classical Reformer on the foam roller. This actually builds strength and allows clients to focus more work into the details of their reformer workout. Build strength, gain better control of the apparatus and break exercises down to help clients reach optimum potential on the reformer. This is also a great way to encourage clients to get their own home workouts in when they cannot get to the studio. No reformer, no problem!  Let's get the sweat going and have some fun!