Swan on Wunda Chair 

Jaime White is a third-generation Classical Pilates instructor with over 15 years of teaching experience. Her clients have ranged from NFL athletes, triathletes, post-rehab, and Pilates apprentices and teachers.

She has been certifying instructors or teaching continuing education for almost a decade in the United States. She owned and operated a thriving pilates and functional training studio for over 8 years before selling it to staff that have kept the vision alive and well. 

She was originally certified in 2003 through Authentic Pilates and was a teacher trainer through USPA for several years before leaving to go back to NYC to immerse herself and work with Brooke Siler and many other great instructors. During her time in NYC she was a go to for inspiration and education from other teachers of diverse backgrounds. She held weekly workouts for teachers and gave guidance on working with special populations and athletes.

Jaime encourages students to embrace learning the science we now know exists in movement along with staying in the work of Pilates.  In early 2016, she completed her advanced teacher training with Kathi Ross Nash.  Jaime is a huge advocate of continued learning and education as well as critical thinking for both herself and her students. 

Jaime is currently an acting co-founder of Pure Body Teacher Training for Pilates teacher education. The goal of PBTT is to create highly employable, passionate, ethical and effective teachers to carry on the work and philosophy of Joseph Pilates' classical work combined with modern science. The program was started by Heather Erdmann out of her successful Pure Body Studio in Houston, TX and upon working with Jaime they started expanding nationally back in early 2018. Because of their shared vision and values in how teachers should be educated and supported, PBTT is currently growing to several cities in the United States and internationally.  Jaime currently travels the globe teaching for PBTT as well as independent workshops and seminars.